Side trip to the Sea

(13. September)

Today we went from Plovdiv via Kardzali, a town in the bulgarian Rhopode Mountains, where we bought The stones for our garden some years ago, to Alexandroupoli in Greece. The higway was a de luxe drive, donated by the EU, but ended in front of the first greek village with streets too small for the big trucks where the EU highway was built for. So we luckily had almost no traffic on our way to Greece.  In Alexandroupolis we met a nice couple from Athens. He worked for 25 years at BMW in Munich and they enjoy their retirement now with apartments in Athens and here. We followed their advice and found a good place to eat at the shore and a luxory hotel to relax before we jump right into the hectic life of Istanbul.


(14. September)

The program of today was refilling our engines. We slept a lot and relaxed at the beach, while listening to the sound of the Ocean. In the late Afternoon we did explore parts of Alexandroupoli and went to the promenade to dine. Later we did swim in the dark, moonless Night. 


(15. September)

Now we are fully recovered and ready for our next step. We are back on the Road and look forward to Istanbul.

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